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Pardon My Frenchie

A brand new series
from Forever Romance...

Ashanti Wright is thrilled over the success of her doggie daycare, Barkingham Palace. But handling the business and taking care of her teen twin sisters is a lot. And now that the antics of her adorable French bulldog and poodle bestie are blowing up on social media, things are even more chaotic than usual. And they only get worse when the world’s worst dog hater shows up.


Thad Sims is not a dog person. He’s barely a person’s person. But after his grandmother is transferred to a senior living facility that doesn’t accept pets, the former army officer agrees to care for her annoying standard poodle, and his first move is taking Puddin’ out of daycare.


Now Ashanti’s beloved Duchess is bereft of her companion, social media is outraged, and Ashanti’s business is hanging in the balance. Her only option is to make nice with the surly, sexy Thad at all costs. But it’s gonna take a tiara-wearing Frenchie, a well-dressed poodle, and a whole lotta treats to teach these humans a few new tricks about falling in love.

...doggone delightful rom-com... Readers will be thoroughly charmed. 

                     -Publisher's Weekly, starred review

Available June 4, 2024

Fate Be Changed : A Twisted Tale


Available April 2, 2024

If you could change your fate, would you? Merida understands that as princess of Clan DunBroch, she has certain obligations—but that doesn’t mean she has to like it. Especially when one of those obligations means losing her freedom by becoming betrothed to a man she has never met. Merida balks at this tradition, but her mother Queen Elinor insists that Merida must do this to embrace her role as future queen.


Determined to chart her own path, Merida follows magical wisps to a witch’s cottage, where she is given a magic pastry and promised it will incite “a great transformation” in her mother. But instead of feeding Elinor the pastry, Merida eats it herself. Merida awakens in the past, a now-teenage Elinor holding a knife to her throat and accusing her of espionage. She’s been transported a time when the Clans MacCameron and DunBroch are bitter enemies. And it just so happens that the timing of Merida’s arrival has kept Elinor and Fergus from meeting. Will Merida be able to bridge the rival clans, help her parents fall in love, and change her own fate?

 A Twisted Tale Anthology

Disney’s New York Times best-selling series presents a rich anthology filled with all-new what-if twists, such as What if Snow White learned magic? What if Mulan became the emperor’s advisor? And what if Remy the rat met Colette first?

Edited by New York Times best-selling author, Elizabeth Lim, this Twisted Tale anthology features sixteen twisted short stories with new takes on fan-favorite Disney films. Swoon as Ariel and Eric meet right after the Little Mermaid saves her prince; join Tiana and Naveen on a race to get back to Maldonia; take a ride on a pirate space ship with Jim Hawkins; and uncover just what power Tinker Bell’s pixie dust holds.

Read my contribution, twists on The Princess and the Frog, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King. 

Available October 3, 2023



Almost There: A Twisted Tale

Book 13 in the Twisted Tales series from Disney-Hyperion Books!


Sometimes, life in the Big Easy is tough. No one knows that better than Tiana, though she also believes that hard work can go a long way. But when the notorious Dr. Facilier backs her into a corner, she has no other choice but to accept an offer that will alter the course of her life in an instant.

Soon Tiana finds herself in a new reality where all her deepest desires are realized―she finally gets her restaurant, her friends are safe and sound, and, perhaps most miraculous of all, her beloved father is still alive. She's got everything she's ever wanted...

But after a while, her hometown grows increasingly eerie, with new threats cropping up from unlikely places. Navigating through this strange new New Orleans, Tiana must work alongside Naveen and Charlotte to set things right―or risk losing everything she holds dear.

The Boyfriend Project Series

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Have you read
The Boyfriend Project series?



News, Updates & Appearances

Fate Be Changed is a New York Times and USA Today Bestseller!


My newest Twisted Tale from Disney Books, Fate Be Changed, landed at #9 on the New York Times Children's Series Bestsellers list and at #58 on the USA Today Bestsellers list--my highest ranking ever on that list!

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