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Book Club Questions

  1. Did you find Samiah’s immediate friendship with Taylor and London plausible? Why or why not? How did they continue to support one another throughout the book? Do you see parallels with your own friendships?

  2. Which of the three girlfriends do you relate most to and why?

  3. Samiah gives several examples of how difficult it is to be a Black woman in the tech industry. Were you surprised by any of her revelations? How do you feel about her serving as a model for others who come up behind her?

  4. If you were signing on to your own boyfriend project, what would you devote more time to?

  5. How has Samiah’s need for organization and order helped her in life? How has it hurt her?

  6. If you were Samiah, would you have been able to trust Daniel?  Would you have forgiven his betrayal?

Is your book club holding a virtual meeting?
If your book club is holding a virtual meeting and don't mind me dropping in for a few minutes for a Q&A, please contact me through my contact form. If it works with my schedule I am happy to attend. 
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